Emily Bartley, M.Ed.


Care Coordinator

Chelsie Ader, LMSW

Social Worker


Behavioral Health


Amie Bettencourt, PhD

Child Psychologist


Director of Research

and Evaluation

Riley Difatta


Research Assistant


Kelly Coble, LCSW-C

Social Worker


Program Director

Sarah Edwards, DO



 Medical Director


Sneha Jadhav, MD

Child Psychiatrist




Rebecca Ferro, BA


Research Assistant


Heather Kangas, LCSW-C


Behavioral Health Consultant

Hal Kronsberg, MD

Child Psychiatrist



Kainat Khan, MS


Research Data Manager


Janet McIntyre, LCSW-C


Intern Supervisor, Salisbury University BHIPP Social Work Co-Location Project

Shauna Reinblatt, MD

Child Psychiatrist



David Pruitt, MD

Child Psychiatrist



Mark Riddle, MD

Child Psychiatrist



Martha Stuart, LCSW-C


Director, Morgan State University BHIPP Social Work Co-Location Project

Teresa Simmons, LCSW-C


Director, Salisbury University BHIPP Social Work Co-Location Project

Sarah Sweeney, MSW, MPH



Clinical Research Specialist





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