The Importance of Early Childhood

1.     Sensitive Periods in Early Brain Development, Described by Dr. Clyde Hertzman, Director of the Human Early Learning Partnership


2.     Washington State Department of Early Learning Provides two free professional training modules focusing on brain architecture, executive functioning, and the science of self-regulation as well as how adult caregivers can help young children develop these skills.


3.     The Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University developed a series of brief videos on the three core concepts of early development (1) experiences build brain architecture, (2) serve & return interaction shapes brain circuitry, (3) toxic stress derails health development.  View them all here.


4.     The Tennessee Chapter of the APP hosts a video on the topic of Social & Emotional Guidance for Children (Birth – 5) featuring Dr. Crystal Vernon (pediatrician) and Dr. Lunda Ashford (psychologist) and is narrated by Dr. Michelle Fiscus, President of the TNAPP.


5.    CHECK Up faculty Kate Wasserman, LCSW-C, speaks about the importance of early childhood mental health with Kelly Swoope, anchor of WABC2 News during Children's Mental Health Awareness Week


Communicating with Families

1. AAP Social and Emotional Problems: This video focuses on using motivational interviewing techniques to identify and address social emotional problems in children birth to 5.


2.  Maryland AAP BI-PED Videos


Of particular note, look for the following topics:

Video #6 Eliciting concerns

Video #7 Eliciting Concerns-Anything else

Video #9 Eliciting concerns--Pick one

Video #12 Create a plan--Exceptions

Video #17 Conclude--Barriers


3. Dr. Larry Gray and Dr. Michelle Barnes discuss their use of the FAN communication tool in pediatric visits to best understand the parent's urgent concern about their child's well being.

Assessment and Treatment

Dr. Joyce Harrison gave a series of lectures for the Psych Nurse Practitioner Program at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.  They are brief (15-35 minutes) lectures intended to guide any primary care practitioners on a range of topics related to screening, addressing and treating mental health concerns in their patients:

(1) Psychiatric Assessment for Children and Adolescents in Primary Care

(2) Overview of Preschool Psychopharmacology

(3) Treatment of Childhood Depression

(4) Diagnosis of Childhood Depression

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